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celticcross1Along the way, on each of our journeys, we meet people that influence, teach and inspire us to continue on.  In this day of technology and social networking via the internet, it’s much easier to connect with people from other communities and spheres of influence… even other nations.  At some point during the last year I stumbled upon a blog by Chuck Warnock.  Chuck pastors a small and thriving baptist church in Chatham, Virginia.

I was immediately captivated by his site and intrigued by the things that surfaced in his writings that revealed his values.  His love for community and his desire to walk out an uncluttered and simple life have inspired me.  We have connected via various media i.e. email, Twitter and Facebook and will continue to develop a kingdom relationship as time passes.  Chuck’s website is Confessions of a Small Church Pastor.

Keep your eyes open along the journey for mentors, coaches, disciplers and teachers who will inspire you to continue in spite of setbacks, missteps and discouragement.

On the Journey,


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