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fastingToday begins a 3 day fast we are calling “Three Days of Reign.” It’s to bring in the new year with focus, intent and purpose. It’s interesting to me that whenever we call a fast I get a lot of questions about fasting i.e. what? why? how?… mostly the how question. Let me be direct. Biblical fasting is the voluntary denial of food for a given period of time. Simple.

I have read extensively on fasting and am amazed at how complicated we can make it. I’ll drink liquids, juices, tons of water, tea and coffee. No loaded protein shakes, geez, you might as well eat a steak! Just no food and I’ll spend that time reading the word, praying and blogging. You might consider fasting. It’s a basic spiritual discipline whereby Jesus made it clear that the issue is not “if” you fast, but “when” you fast. Care to join me?

Grace and Peace



  1. what are some good reads for fasting?

    • Hey Sarah, here is a good link for a quick read, it’s by John Piper and can be found at Desiring God. Just scroll down until you find his blog titled, “The Crazy Idea of Fasting in 09′.”

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