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eat-elephantI’m not talking rocket science here. It seems that of the endless websites that I have looked at after Googling “simplicity” there is so much information on living simply that I simply don’t have the hours in the day to read it all. Do you sense some irony here? So I’m taking a simple approach to living a more simple existence.

I’m going to start by de-cluttering my desk today. That’s it. Just for today I’ll take this one step. Not two steps. After all I have the rest of my life to walk this out one day at a time. If I start making a list of what I need to do to simplify then I will begin the slow fade toward complexity once again. See the dilemma?

It’s like the classic cliche, “How do you eat an elephant?” Answer? “One bite at a time.” That’s my simple approach to simplicity. One bite at a time.

On the Journey



  1. Kind of funny….how complicated we make simplicity…Love your blog. AZ Mom of Many Hats

    • Sad but true. If left to ourselves we will always drift toward complexity. That’s why it takes effort to live simply.

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