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highroadThe journey toward a more simple life is just that… a journey. Like a fine wine or a majestic redwood, this cannot be rushed. There are no shortcuts… only steps and missteps along the way. Have you ever wondered, “How did things get so complicated?” I have and do ask that question often. There are many answers to that question that are as varied as the people to whom it applies, but I know for me the answer lies in neglect and procrastination.

If left to ourselves we naturally drift toward complexity. Things or “stuff” get left out, pushed aside or thrown on the pile. We think a dangerous and often unfulfilled thought, “I’ll put that away later.” You know how that plays out… just look at your garage, closet or desk! There is something in us that wants what we want… right now. In other words, I don’t “want” to put an item where it goes, or clean off an area of my desk because I don’t “want” to right now. I refuse to put forth the effort and sacrifice for long term peace and well being for a moment of “me time.”

One way to stay motivated is to recognize the lack of peace and the turmoil you have in our heart and mind because of the clutter and chaos. You cannot have internal order if you live in external disorder. They are not compatible. When I went through a painful divorce many years ago I found that I could live a very simple existence and yet still have a good quality of life. I found the lack of “stuff” very freeing. Keep your thoughts on the long term peace and inner grace that order and simplicity bring the next time you walk by that item that needs to be discarded or put away.

On the Journey



  1. “You cannot have internal order if you live in external disorder.”

    AMEN! I’m in some serious external disorder that is at work. It has had me in internal disorder for quite awhile. I wish it was as simple as getting a task done, but this particular “think” is so much bigger.

    Don’t worry though…I’ve handed it all over to God and am seeking Him every single day over this. I’m beginning to hear Him. I only want to walk in His will.

    • So true Fran! I’m glad you are working on things. Always remember it’s a journey and there are many stops and detours along the trail. Grace and peace!


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