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simplebeautyLet me first start off by saying, I’m a “guy.” I drive a Nissan Titan truck. I’m from West Texas. I like sports. Now having said that, I’m also enamored by beauty. West Texas can produce some of the most amazing sunsets on the planet! There is nothing like watching a thunderstorm roll in from the Southwest. Lightening flashes, the rumble of not too distant thunder and the occasional tornado that touches down combine to produce an experience that is thrilling and beautiful in it’s own way.

For me, the most beautiful things are the simplest things. I remember driving in the city and stopping at a light. Everyone seemed to be in a hurry. Edgy frustrated commuters anxious to get to their next destination were cutting people off and jockeying for position in traffic like NASCAR drivers in a race for the title. I looked to one side of me and all I could see were several lanes of impatient people, some were on cell phones and others were staring at the light as if it was a green flag. I looked to the other side and I noticed one beautiful solitary flower at the base of a light pole. In the middle of this chaotic scene in a concrete jungle during rush hour stood this one lone beautiful flower. I was stunned by its simple beauty. I was captivated… until the angry joker behind me impatiently honked his horn! He missed the moment. I did not.

I don’t want to run and gun through life and miss moments like that. Life is too short. I will be 47 in a couple of weeks and I am all to aware of how time seems to be flying by. I’m looking across my office and noticing the shadows that the rising sun is casting across the room through the blinds. It’s simple beauty at it’s best in this very moment. And to think I could have missed the moment, because it will disappear in just a few minutes as the sun rises and the shadows fade. On this journey toward a more simple life I want to stop and simply be amazed at the beauty all around me.

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  1. I can’t agree with you more that there is beauty in the simple things around us everyday. Over the new year week, I was at my parent’s home an had a realization of the beauty that was in their front yard – things that I had failed to noticed my entire life. I spent the next hour snapping photos of what I saw (even included them in a blog post). Of course a lot of things have happened in our family in the last year to make us appreciate the simple things in life – one sister lost a baby, my other sister battling stage IV breast cancer, loss of older loved ones. But still, we are all thankful for the amazing creation that God put here for us to enjoy.

  2. That is so true. There are elements of simple beauty all around us, most of which we have never noticed. They were always there, but life experiences have a way of opening our eyes to see what we could not or did not see before. Thanks for commenting today.


    • daughterofchrist
    • Posted February 2, 2009 at 10:23 AM
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    This brings to mind the quote “Live each day as if it were your last”.. I was thinking yesterday about how fast time seems to go by. I tend to take the blessings in my life for granted all too often. Just the simple act of breathing is a gift from God! BTW.. am really enjoying reading your blogs Jimmy!

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