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forrest-gump-2I enjoyed the 1994 blockbuster movie Forrest Gump. Beside all the amazing historical tie-ins and interaction, I loved the premise. A simple man who was navigating the complexities of life in a simple way. The reaction of those who interacted with Forrest were always over the top and overblown. It made his simple and uncluttered demeanor stand out all the more. There was a line where Forrest quoted his mother, “Stupid is, is stupid does.”

I want to borrow that line and put my spin on it, “Simple is, is simple does.” If I’m going to simplify my life at any level or to any degree I must begin to “do” simple. How can I “do” simple? By slowing down my pace, being intentional with every act and movement, practicing subtraction instead of addition, taking a “solitude break” during the day (even it’s 5-10 minutes), or turning off the music from time to time to practice the discipline of silence. If I want my mentality to change, I can start with some of these baby steps and begin to act more simple on the outside.

The inside (heart/spirit) and the outside (body/actions) are inextricably connected. One feeds into and off of the other. So, try it… “Simple is, is simple does.” Commit to one simple act today. Not ten, just one. Execute it. Celebrate it. When tomorrow comes, do another as well as that one you did today and let one build upon another. As for me today, I have been listening to the Spa Channel on Pandora and it has created a simple and peaceful ethos (atmosphere) for me to work in today. What will you do Forrest?

Grace & Peace



  1. Jimmy, That movie made me cry. I liked the first half better than the second. I could feel the Mother’s love for her son. That was really heartfelt.

    I’m almost 59, so life is going real fast for me too. I try to make a point of watching the sun rise and the sunset each day to observe the simple beauty of colors.

    Stay simple.

    • Thanks for commenting Brenda. It’s intended to be a peaceful place. I would think simplicity in itself is inherently peaceful. Grace and peace to you!

      On the Journey,

    • daughterofchrist
    • Posted February 2, 2009 at 10:15 AM
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    Forest Gump was a great movie! I think everyone can take away something from it.. I whole-heartedly agree that living the simple life beats always being in a hurried rush state of mind.. I tend to make “mountains of out molehiles” and that causes much of the chaos in my life. At the end of the day if we have truly done all we can to live according to the will of God and extended love and forgiveness to those around us then we should not let the worries of tomorrow kep us from getting a good night’s sleep. After all we have the hands of God holding us. What could be better then that!! Didn’t mean to write a book. LOL.. God bless ya Jimmy.. :0)

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