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I’m on a journey.  A path if you will.  Life has become more complicated and complex.  Responsibilities, culture, consumerism, materialsim and greed converge to cause much angst for me.  I’m on a journey to simplify and de-clutter from the inside out.  You can follow my journey and perhaps along the way you will find inspiration to simplify your own life.



  1. Hi,

    I see that you have started using wordpress and wanted to recommend reading my post if you are planning to host your blog on your own server / doamin.


  2. Jimmy,

    You said it so well. We all need the simple life with less “stuff” and more thought to simple pleasures.

    I like your blog style because it is so simple. Most blogs I look at belong to women and they are full of lace, ribbons, and flowers. Fine, but too much for me. I guess it’s my age, but I find myself giving away my “stuff” just so I can feel more space around myself.

    Thanks for the thoughtful blog.

    • Well said. I’ll address giving away our stuff in order to breathe in a subsequent post. I too find it freeing and it’s a win for everyone. Someone gets something they didn’t have and I get the joy of giving and the benefit of less clutter. Good to hear from you, I hope you’ll stop by again soon.


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